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The Joys of Art

Monday, February 16, 2004

Workplace gossip....

Well a lot of men on the job wants to know if Gerald has gotten "that" yet....Sigh...Too bad that everything in America has to be about race...Contrary to popular belief it is not just Black people (by far) that are obsessed with race....Since no one can figure out what race Gerald is he gets (and so do I) questions all the time from White men about him being a White guy that is trying to get with a sister at work....The brothers just look stare at him and wonder what he is...Since they never see him talking to many people at work except one guy who is his neighbor (and happens to be Black but also looks racially ambiguous) they just all assume that he is White or most likely Mexican....I get questions from the brothers about why I am talking to a Mexican...Then they go off into long winded conversations about how a White man can't handle me sexually and vice versa....Even after I told one guy that Gerald was Black he still couldn't believe it....This is Louisiana!!! Hello!!! Well I am sure that a lot of you have heard about the guy in Rhode Island who claims that he is protesting affirmative action by creating a "Whites only" scholarship....This is all fine and dandy if you don't consider the fact that he applied for and accepted a 5,000 dollar scholarship created for minorities only....So much for sticking to principle....But I guess that 5 grand came in handy for paying next semester's tuition didn't it???....Typical Republican hypocracy and machismo bullshit!!! Are we are supposed to believe that he is looking out for the best interests of everyone when he can't even turn down 5 grand and stand on the basis of his own principles?!!!


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