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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


To my sweetie Gerald with your "Frenchie" self....LOVE YA!!!! Crawfish,beer, beads doubloons and king cakes on the house!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2004

How you like me now?!!!

Ole boy (the sexual harasser) was told by my supervisors that if he wanted to keep his job then he is to stay away from me and to also keep his offensive comments to himself...Good!!! Gerald and I are seriously kicking it anyway....Damn...Last week we were all over each other....:o) At the pizza parlor we were into passionate kissing each other and these little hoochie mamas passed by and said "Damn...Why don't you rape him already?!!" This little boy passed by and said "Now they know they are too old for that..."Sigh.....Chilrens now days....Antehoo....Life is good and the kisses (and sex) are also.....:o)

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Nigger Please (quit sexually harassing me)!!!

There is this guy at work who keeps harassing me sexually....Yes the same one that tells me that he doesn't like me dating Mexicans....LOL.....I am dating a Black man who looks Mexican and which is none of his business anyway....Well like I said last time the guy comes up to me and tells me that he hated this fact about me and Mexicans (My ex-husband is Mexican and my son is mixed....I don't really date Mexicans but that is his preception because I married one) and he wanted to explain a few things to me....He told me that he will tell me this for a fact because he knows....

He went on to tell me that White men can't handle a sister because we are bigger down there and since women talk they tell on men who can't put it to a woman....By the same token, he tells me that White women can't handle what a Black man is packing because they are different than Black women down there and can't handle it when a Black man is putting it to them (he said that he has been there).....Check his mentality: He is twice married and he impregnanted another woman while married to his first wife...This he told me the first time he met me....I guess to let me know what mentality he has...Now I am sitting here debating on whether I need to go a head and write a statement against him...I am good at writing statements....Statements are what got me out of the Army because I threatened to "kill" a couple of folks military careers....Listen folks he constantly hangs around my place of duty and is always looking for me...He was there last night and the night before...This bitch even calls my daddy "father-in-law"....He has even told me to stop seeing my boyfriend....But see I know people over him and if it takes him gone "bye-bye" then so be it.....Men with weak psyches never take "no" for an answer and will persist no matter what you do...Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire... Too Black men possess weak psyches....Lots of White men hit on me at work all the time but they are not "obsessive" about it and can take "no" for an answer....If you don't like what I have to say then (c)lick my "X".....It is at the top right hand corner of your computer screen....

Monday, February 16, 2004

Workplace gossip....

Well a lot of men on the job wants to know if Gerald has gotten "that" yet....Sigh...Too bad that everything in America has to be about race...Contrary to popular belief it is not just Black people (by far) that are obsessed with race....Since no one can figure out what race Gerald is he gets (and so do I) questions all the time from White men about him being a White guy that is trying to get with a sister at work....The brothers just look stare at him and wonder what he is...Since they never see him talking to many people at work except one guy who is his neighbor (and happens to be Black but also looks racially ambiguous) they just all assume that he is White or most likely Mexican....I get questions from the brothers about why I am talking to a Mexican...Then they go off into long winded conversations about how a White man can't handle me sexually and vice versa....Even after I told one guy that Gerald was Black he still couldn't believe it....This is Louisiana!!! Hello!!! Well I am sure that a lot of you have heard about the guy in Rhode Island who claims that he is protesting affirmative action by creating a "Whites only" scholarship....This is all fine and dandy if you don't consider the fact that he applied for and accepted a 5,000 dollar scholarship created for minorities only....So much for sticking to principle....But I guess that 5 grand came in handy for paying next semester's tuition didn't it???....Typical Republican hypocracy and machismo bullshit!!! Are we are supposed to believe that he is looking out for the best interests of everyone when he can't even turn down 5 grand and stand on the basis of his own principles?!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Message Number 2752...

by: cajundelyte (36/F/Durty South...Always...Ca) 02/07/04 04:31 pm
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"Life imitates Art..." and "The sorrows of Life are the Joys of Art..."

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Keeping it the "realest"...Phuck you Blahoo!!!

My Boo...

Remember the banging guy I met at work...I talk to him every day....I think he is like 99 percent Native American and one drop of Black blood....In other words he looks like very much something other than Black...But he is nice and smart along with those good looks...We plan to go out and do something soon....He is sooooooooooo cute!!!! I love his eyes.....

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Dumb and Dumber....

See!!! I told you all she was a pathetic ass Negress!!! Condi Rice belongs on someone's plantation....Look at the shit she said...."I think that what we have is evidence that there are differences between what we knew going in and what we found on the ground"....(Condoleza Rice concering the Invasion of Iraq).....What a stupid ass bitch!!! SHE IS CONCRETE EXAMPLE, REASON AND TRUTH THAT BLACKS NEED TO ADMIT AND REALIZE THAT WE BLACKS SOLD OUR OWNSELVES INTO SLAVERY....It gets better--Words from G.W.Bush "I want the American people to know that I too want to know the facts..." (G.W.Bush concerning the Iraq invasion) He fucking doesn't know the facts and he is president of The United States?!!!! Those two bitches (Condi and Bush) need to go fuck one another in the slave quarters(or the big house for that matter) and quit fucking this country....They are fucking confused....