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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Networking or Not working....

Black people network like a fucking bag of rocks!!! Now when it comes to having you canned they can come together like agglutination...With the unemployment statistics of unemployed Blacks at around 11.8 percent you would think many Black folks would be trying to do something differently amongst other things and concerning a lot of issues....One of the problems is that we as Blacks truly don't listen to one another!!! Someone forgot to tell us that it is not what you know but rather who you know....If you listen to Whites they are always networking....Just sit back and listen one of their conversations....I mean Whites that are truly out to succeed not the ones who are working for five bucks an hour and are engaged in the usual office politics at (insert the name of your favorite burger joint here) say McDonalds....Sigh....I truly know how pained Anatole Broyard was about a lot of things....


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