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The Joys of Art

Sunday, November 23, 2003


Lawd!!! Folks are bringing their own "pain killers" to the Emergency Room nowdays...This high yella Cajun had a damn mason jar of MOONSHINE!!! That's right!!! Home made brew....Yep...Yep....SHINE at the ER tonight.....There he was--sipping on "shine" while he waited to be seen at the ER....WTF?!!!You're at a hospital where there is a possibility they will give you drugs (narcotics) and painkillers and you are sipping on some SHINE?!!! LAWD!!! THEN HE DROPPED HIS DAMN MASON JAR OF MOONSHINE!!! He damn near cried like a baby when that happened while he was drinking it outside...Actually I think this is just another example of Bush's Medicare/medicaid overhaul....The BYOP Plan (Bring Your Own Painkillers)--Part A deductible if you drop the Mason jar....

Shot Number 12 tonight....I had the incision repacked and re-dressed again....Sunday is "cruise time"....


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