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The Joys of Art

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Mind Altering Experience!!!

Went back today to have the boil looked at and also to supposedly get another shot of antibiotics....I was told that I'd have to have it lanced--that day...The doctor said that it was the biggest boil he'd ever seen....I think it even grew bigger overnight just because it knows I am going on a seven day cruise....They had to use so much anesthetic just to numb me up for the surgery--over two bottles of the stuff....About 5 minutes after they had finished the procedure it happened.....THE MIND ALTERING EXPERIENCE!!!

The doctor says that it wasn't hallucinations but please dear doctor tell me what the fuck did I experience that night!!! It was horrible...Tinnitis, the room going around and around and this constant rhythmic sound in the back of my fracking head....Then the sound would speed up and slow down at will--amongst other scary things....SCURRY I TELL YOU!!!
Did I mention my limbs (legs) shaking (tremors) uncontrollably?!!! Did I mention the fact that when I walked out of the room to tell the nurse that I was having a reaction to the anesthetic I was walking "like a zombie"?!!!I had to get four shots just to counter-act the anesthetic and also my shot of antibiotics....Only after what seemed about 45 minutes into the drama did I get my four shots of "put me out of my misery--I'm whimpering like a dog here" drugs....

By the time my daddy came to get me I was knocked out...I could not drive home that night from the hospital....Sleep never felt so good.....


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