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The Joys of Art

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The Sins of the Fathers are indeed visited upon the Children...

Lousy family members creating pain for their children and grandchildren....At this moment I don't think that I don't want to have anymore kids....It is not easy being a single mother raising a child with basically NO help--and I haven't even gotten into the "teenage years"...It takes a village, a decent family and a whole lot of work to rise a child and there are a lot of pathetic people who don't even deserve the chance at destroying the lives of children and young adults....All it takes is for just one person NOT doing their part (ie deadbeat, pitiful, pathetic dads) and the work is just that much harder...I can see why Kenya shudders at the thought of being some child's mother...Everytime something goes wrong it is the mother that has to internalize everything....Some women out there seem to be a "glutton for punishment"....They can't seem to right the "car" out of the "skid"...They keep having these kids for these deadbeats and nothing ever changes...


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