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The Joys of Art

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Never give up anything that you can't afford to lose...

If what you are willing to give up causes you or someone else pain, suffering, grief and setback, then you can't afford to give it up....How many people become shells of themselves after entering relationships?!! Even women such as Halle Berry, J-Lo, Elizabeth Hurley, Vanessa Bryant, and Uma Thurman suffer these troubles... We allow these people liberty to just take all we have to give...Women are especially guilty of this...We allow men to drain us of our finances, abuse us and the kids, rob us of our culture, rape our culture, rob us of our sense of self worth and put us and our children into abject poverty***...It is not worth it....Some people are not worthy of passing down their genes...All we do is go out and have affairs (out of frustration) and still stay with losers like they will change...They won't....Drop these zeroes and go on and live productive lives...These people are not EVEN WORTHY OF SEX!!!We all make mistakes in life but when people go out of their way to make others lives miserable (and yes there are many who are deliberately out to do this--due to stupidity and/or defective genes) then they should be avoided like the Black Plague...The community and the court system needs to do something more to see that women and children are not victimized to the extent that they are in the UNITED STATES...Too many times these men go on to manipulate the mothers of their kids and thus creating a vicisous cycle in which both the women and children are victimized...How many women are out there raising kids and and are allowing their deadbeat baby daddies to live with them for free because they have to work nights and they have no support network to help watch their kids?!!! Plenty!!! Pitiful!!! Some people don't need to breed...Ladies quit feeling sorry for these deadbeats and don't allow them to pass their seeds through you in the first place...It is never to late to get rid of that baggage though...They will get the message..No I am not anti-men..I am anti dead-beat daddy and anti loser-man....The most poweful message is to deny these type of people access to sexual gratifiction...If people would scrutinize and pass the word down concerning such losers in life then you will see a complete repentance of the "dregs of society"...

***The writer Ellen Schwann quotes a statement made by her husband, the late Harold Brodkey: "Harold used to say that a lot of men steal from women. They steal bits of their souls, bits of their personalities, to construct an emotional life, which many men don't have." [p 192]
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., "The Passing of Anatole Broyard." In Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Man. New York: Random House, 1997. Pp. 180-214.


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